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2008 Campagna Motors V13R

(from Campagna Motors Press Release) The V13R overall design and style make it the perfect 3-wheel roadster. Personalize your ride with the V13R's customization options. The reverse trike configuration and rear propulsion blended with the performance and unique sound of Harley-Davidson® V-ROD® engine make it a powerful and fun ride.

The V13R features side-by-side seating for two adults and integrated cargo space. Great week-end getaways guaranteed.

V13RThe V13R is available in 3 colors with assorted trim. Both the Brilliant Black and the Inferno Red version come with chromed roll bars, sub frame, swingarm and A-arm assemblies. The headlight bezel and the front grill are also chromed. The Bright Silver version has jet black powder coated roll bars, sub frame, swingarm and A-arm assemblies for a bad attitude.

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