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2011 Ford C-Max Spied

With gas prices at record highs, automakers are scrambling to develop more fuel efficient models. While some automakers are developing all-new cars from scratch, Ford realized that it didn’t have to look any farther than its current European lineup for fuel-saving models. One of those models that will be making the trek across the pond is the Blue Oval’s C-Max, which are spy photographers just spotted while testing in the wild.

2011 Ford C-Max -12011 Ford C-Max -2Based on the C1 platform — the same that currently underpins the Euro-spec Ford Focus — the next-generation Ford C-Max will be arriving in the States for the 2011 model year, along with the European versions of the Focus and Kuga. But what we’re seeing here is a mule: a well-modified shell of the current C-Max, hiding evidence of the all-new C-Max underneath.

Currently we don’t know exactly what will power the upcoming C-Max when it arrives in the states, but we’re expecting the turbocharged 2.5-liter engine from the Focus to find its way to the to-of-the-line version.

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