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The Eleanor Mustang

If you are looking a sexy ride like the one Nicolas Cage drove in "Gone in 60 Seconds" you can get your own version of the Eleanor Mustang. Classic Recreations, a custom supercar shop in Oklahoma, creates the special-edition Eleanor Mustangs which are available in a fuel-injected version with 535hp for $139,900, or a supercharged 770hp fuel-injected version for $189,900. The car is built with brand new bodies and modern sports car suspension for a racear feel.

Eleanor Mustang-1Eleanor Mustang-2Eleanor Mustang-3The car has performance features such as as sequential fuel injection, giant cross-drilled Baer brakes and a custom 410cid Keith Craft Racing engine. It also has keyless entry, an in-dash DVD, five-point racing harnesses and custom leather interior. It takes approximately four months to build these turn-key muscle cars and each one has an original serial number.

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