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BMW 7 series first test drives

It’s time for the first test drives for BMW with its 7 Series (in the photo a 740i pre-series reserved for the press) which will soon arrive on the market with plenty of technology to improve driving pleasure. A few tests have been carried out on the BMW test-track at Miramas, the details below.

The guys from CAR have confirmed the agility and command reaction of the sedan, comparing it to a 3 Series; and on pushing the “sport” button gives extra driving feel, setting engine, steering and suspension response. The real ace up their sleeve however, is the rear wheel steering making for great cornering as the rear wheels automatically follow and react to what’s happening up front.

BMW 7The magazine says it’s a natural and satisfying driving feel for both passenger and driver, with the Series 7 feeling like a smaller car that what it actually is, forging new paths for bigger sedans. Clientele for this type of car is looking for comfort and the 7 Series guarantees it with sophisticated chassis and suspension giving great comfort whatever the road conditions.
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CarAndDriver gives the 7 Series the same praise as CAR on the driving feel, adding that the sedan had great balance and involved handling on a wet track. The guys at Automobile were also pleasantly surprised by the dynamic handling, despite the opulent and spacious interior, saying that when on-board you feel like you’re in a smaller car - more like the 5 Series. And setting the “sport” mode, like CAR, they say it’s even more like the 3 Series. For this category of car, the neutral balance, cornering grip and braking power are surprising.

The steering, in sports mode, is rapid and consistent and on the wet track the BMW 7 Series confirmed its behaviour as a sports sedan, tempting to let it drift if it weren’t for managing all that torque from the V8 twin turbo. They say it’s setting a bench mark in this category.

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