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Modern McLaren F1 rendered speculation

For a while, the McLaren F1 was the fastest car money could buy, powered by a 500kW V12 good for a top speed of 362km/h. With a revival of the icon confirmed to be in the works, renderings have surfaced on a Slovenian website apparently of the next-generation McLaren F1.

Modern McLaren F1-1Modern McLaren F1-2In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, the new model is expected to carry the same AMG V8 engine from the soon-to-be discontinued McLaren SLR roadster. The unique centre driving position could also be lost in favour of a more contemporary two-seater layout.

Details remain scarce, although among current speculation surprisingly the Veyron has not been mentioned, suggesting perhaps the Veyron’s 407km/h bragging right is not a performance goal.

However, like most early renderings this could be nothing more than the work of a talented amateur - only time will tell.

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