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2009 MINI Crossover Concept

Rumors about a Crossover from MINI circulated for quite a long time. Today, the company wanted to prove they are as serious as possible about this and revealed first preview of the future model with the unveiling of the Crossover Concept. Official debut will be made at the Paris Auto Show.

2009 MINI Crossover Concept-12009 MINI Crossover Concept-2The MINI Crossover Concept is a new model variant for the first time measuring more than four meters in length, with four drive wheels, four doors and four single seats. These features alone place the new car right in the line of vision of new target groups seeking to combine the individual style of the brand with enhanced versatility within the interior and innovative functionality throughout.

The Concept features an all-wheel drive system that gives the new model an even wider range of practical use in new areas and a new experience on routes already driven. But in doing so the MINI Crossover Concept is not limited to the usual status of a conventional all-wheeler. Rather, to offer its additional mobility potential even more consistently, the Concept Car comes with numerous design features making it an all-round talent for a unique experience in everyday life, for enjoying leisure time to the utmost, for adventure travels of all kinds and for travel planning.

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