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Ford Focus ST Mountune

Ford has announced today an approved Mountune performance upgrade for the Focus ST hatchback.

The Mountune Performance package comprises a larger intercooler, a high-flow air filter and re-mapped engine management software, increasing power to 256bhp and torque to 400Nm – lifting the fast Ford right into Audi S3 territory. The standard ST makes do with 222bhp and 320Nm.

Ford Focus ST Mountune-1Ford Focus ST Mountune-2The increases mean the 0-62mph sprint is shaved by 0.6 seconds to 5.9 seconds, and because the upgrade is Ford approved it does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Priced at £1,120 plus fitting, the kit can be fitted to new or used cars by a select group of specialist dealers, a list of whom can be found at A performance suspension kit for the Focus ST is also under development, as well as upgrade packages for other Ford models.

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