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Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid concept at Paris Auto Show

Toyota, Honda and nearly every other major manufacturer has beaten Hyundai to market with a hybrid powertrain solution, but the Korean company is making up for lost time as the Paris Motor Show draws near. The latest development, scheduled to make its first appearance at the French show in October, is the Santa Fe petrol-electric hybrid SUV concept.

Hyundai  Santa FeThe hybrid Santa Fe (standard model pictured) still remains cloaked in secrecy but the core information has been released: it will feature a 2.4L petrol engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and a 30kW electric-assist motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. Fuel consumption is claimed at 44mpg (5.35L/100km) and CO2 emissions are similarly good at 148g/km. That’s important for places like the UK, where cars are taxed based on their emissions. More details and information will be revealed in Paris.

Already Hyundai has an LPG-hybrid version of its Elantra (known as the Avante in Korea) in the works, due to go on sale in its home market in July, 2009 with a global roll-out to follow shortly after. That car will set several firsts, as it is expected to be first to market with lithium-polymer batteries and LPG-hybrid technology in a series-production car.

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