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JDM Honda Odyssey teased ahead of debut

As many of you doubtless know, the Japanese Honda Odyssey isn't the same thing we get here in the States. While we get the more jumbo-ridic family escape pod with sliders and the whole shebang, the JDM Odyssey is a sleeker-looking MPV with four traditionally-hinged doors and four-cylinder power. And now it's time for a new one. Honda's just put up a special site to welcome the upcoming 4th-gen JDM Odyssey, whose styling further evolves the shape that's by now a common site in Japan, while the front end is likely to showcase Honda's current family design theme (think Clarity, Insight, etc.).

JDM Honda OdysseyIn lieu of, say, an Accord wagon, this (or the more compact Stream) might work for a lot of people -- especially those of us who view the typical U.S.-style minivan as Superman does kryptonite.

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