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2011 Mercedes Benz CLS CGI

Perhaps not to be outdone by the news of BMW’s 8 Series this morning, our graphic artist has come out with a first look at Mercedes-Benz’s revised CLS model due here in 2011.

2011 Mercedes Benz CLS CGI-22011 Mercedes Benz CLS CGI-1The stunning saloon will be the second of its kind from the iconic brand to be offered with a hybrid powertrain, which will be shared with the forthcoming S400 due for release here mid next year.

The elegant four door coupe will retain much of the current CLS traits sharing existing power plants and underpinnings though with revised sheet metal for a fresher, more flowing appeal than that of the existing model which was first seen here in 2005.

CLS II and S400 Hybrid models will make use of Lithium-Ion batteries to save weight with pre-production testing said to be well underway.

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