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BMW X1 compact SUV spied

A heavily camouflaged test mule lapping the Nurburgring has given us our first glimpse of BMW’s newest compact X1 SUV. Though likely destined for the urban jungle, the X1 will be a full time four-wheel drive, sharing many features of its not-so-mini MINI off-roader.

BMW X1 compact SUV -1BMW X1 compact SUV -2It boasts a relatively identical footprint to the current Toyota RAV4, although this is where the similarities end, especially in regards to the price tag.

The cabin will share a high degree of commonality with the 1-series, complete with the latest iDrive and BMW’s signature swan-necked gearlever.

Like all BMW’s, it will also use the Efficient Dynamics system which utilises stop-start and alternator control technologies to improve economy and lower emissions.

A hybrid version of the X1 is an almost certainty, likely to carry over from the system currently in development for the new 7-Series.

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