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Hyundai Portico spied

Today we've got new photos of the Hyundai with most of the heavy camouflage removed! First shown as a 2005 Portico concept in Chicago, Hyundai is hoping their R-Class-like crossover will pick up the pieces where Mercedes and Chrysler’s Pacifica failed.

Hyundai Portico -1Hyundai Portico -2Flexible seating for the Portico means two rows of seating for 4 or 6 depending if the center seat is folded down or upright. With six passengers in two rows - the Portico will offer more cargo area than similarly sized vehicles.

Hyundai's Lambda 3.3-liter V6 is expected to be rated at around 240hp. In 3.8-liter form 290hp should provide ample motivation for the top of the Portico trim range. Hyundai's new 6-speed shiftronic transmission will route the power to a FWD or AWD setup. Hybrid and 4-cylinder powerplants are unknown despite earlier reports. While the Portico was slated to be built in Alabama, production has now shifted to Korea and will start in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

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