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2009 Mazda6 Diesel (MZR-CD)

Mazda has been the first Japanese manufacturer in Australia to fully utilise the benefits of diesel engines for passenger cars. Whilst the likes of Subaru, Toyota and Mitsubishi are limited in their diesel range, Japanese giant Mazda is offering diesel variants in the 3 and 6 model range. The arrival of the new Mazda6 meant the arrival of an all new Mazda6 diesel, or better known as the Mazda6 MZR-CD 2.2-litre Diesel. Mazda says the aim with the 6 diesel is to bring turbodiesel performance and its benefits within reach of everyone.

2009 Mazda6 Diesel (MZR-CD)-12009 Mazda6 Diesel (MZR-CD)-2The new 2.2-litre, common-rail, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine makes use of a variable geometry turbocharger as well as direct-injection. This allows an impressive performance figure of 136kW of power and 400Nm of torque, up 31kW and 40Nm on the old 2.0-litre diesel engine it supersedes. CO2 rating is 156g/km for the hatch and 159g/km for the wagon.

That’s a 30 per cent improvement in power, 10 per cent more torque and a new 0-100km/h of 8.5 seconds, a full 1 seconds quicker than the old model. Best of all though, fuel economy remains the same at 5.9L/100km in hatch form (6.0L/100km in wagon form), same as the less-powerful 2.0-litre engine.

This spirited and economical new-generation engine cements Mazda’s leadership as the only Japanese brand offering turbodiesel passenger cars to Australians. This new 2.2-litre turbodiesel delivers on the once conflicting attributes of robust and refined, powerful and efficient… from a compelling sub-$40,000 price.” Said Mazda Australia Managing Director Doug Dickson.

The one issue which has slowed sales of the diesel Mazdas has been the lack of an automatic transmission and this problem still continues with the new Mazda6 diesel only offered in a six-speed manual. the Mazda Mr Dickson said the Mazda6’s high-tech new engine makes diesel synonymous with exhilaration.

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