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2010 Kia Soul

You can point toward the high cost of gas, raising concerns about the environment, or just what goes around, comes around, but small is big. Small doesn’t have to mean an austere, plain, prole-mobile, though. With vehicles like the MINI, Scion Xb and Honda Fit, small is hip and fun.

2010 Kia SoulAnd while Hyundai has been getting a lion’s share of attention with its new vehicles lately, especially the jaw-dropping Lexus-baiting Genesis V8 sedan, the Korean automaker’s cousin Kia has been making its own inroads with well-designed, high-value vehicles of its own, like the all-new 2009 Kia Borrego, available with Kia’s first V8. To take the brand even further up the automotive ladder, Kia is adding a real “personality” vehicle to define its youthful, carefree—dare we say it—Soul.

Enter the 2010 Kia Soul. Based on the subcompact Rio sedan’s running gear, and about the same overall length, this cheeky, squared-off, little 5-passenger, 4-door crossover slots in below the Kia Sportage SUV. And although it’s aimed at the Gen Y buyer (like the MINI Cooper and Scion Xb), its design, utility and value are sure to attract buyers across the board.

Which isn’t to say that those looking at the production model will be disappointed. We’ll know soon enough, as the Soul is planned to debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in late November 2008. Right now, though, our guess is it will be one of the most desired vehicles of the coming year.

Early specs say that the Soul may offer one of two engines: a fuel-thrifty 115-hp, 1.6L or a punchier 145-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder, with your choice of stick or automatic transmission. Like the MINI and Scion, the Soul will be exclusively front-wheel drive, making it more of an urban fun-mobile than a regular off-roader.

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