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Covini C6W – 2009 six wheel supercar

From all other angles, however, it looks really good and after nearly 30 years of planning and development, in 2009 we will finally see this dream of Ferruccio Covini come true. The C6W is an acronym for Covini 6 Wheeler, and it will be produced in a limited series.

Covini C6W -1Covini C6W -2From 2004, the year in which the first prototype debuted, the original creation from Covini still surprises for its mix of sacred and profane. The C6W has some peculiar elements from the six wheels at 20 (at the rear) and 16 inches, which improve braking and reduce acquaplaning. Thanks to its limited weight at only 1,150 kilos, the Audi V8 4.2 litre engine (380hp and 450Nm) manages to reach more than 300 km/hr.

The thought of being on board is not so weird now, as downright scary at the idea of whizzing along at that speed. At least we can be confident that with six wheels, no take-off is likely to occur.

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At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure everyone should buy idiots; the world is in a mess.. the auto industry; is in turmoil; begging for help; and you have the balls; to even print this shit?.. 300mph cars?..that only people like oprah. and other rich; bastards. can buy your friggin car; do you really think; your car turns me on?6 wheels ect ect?.. even if i could afford your car;.. i wouldn't buy just don't get it...i have no more to say...[idiots]...


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