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Mercedes-Benz Delivers 1,500,000 E-Class Models Worldwide

Mercedes has delivered 1,500,000 units of their consummate E-Class since they launched it some six years ago. Of these, 1,270,000 units were sedan variants, while 230,000 units were of the estate variety.

Mercedes-Benz According to Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars: "The current E-Class and its predecessor models have been the ‘heart’ of Mercedes-Benz for more than 60 years now. With its typical brand attributes that include safety, comfort, innovation, economy, and quality, the E-Class has delighted around 12 million customers worldwide across eight model generations.”

Of course, news of the Mercedes E-Class' sales success is bittersweet, as overall sales at Mercedes-Benz have dropped sharply the past several months. Nevertheless, in times of economic turmoil, one must look for bright spots in otherwise disappointing sales numbers, and 1.5 million units sold is certainly a figure to be proud of.

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