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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

Mitsubishi Lancer Evos are supposed to be good for work and play, but Jason Cammisa found the Evo to be a less than desirable travel companion on a recent trek to Pittsburg; "highway cruising range (200 miles) is unacceptable, and it's made possible by horrendous, disgusting, and inexcusable fuel consumption." Jason recorded about 16.3 mpg and he was mostly cruising on the highway for 715 miles. We don't mind the ridiculous fuel consumption during extended bouts of drifting and playing on gravel roads, but it's almost laughable to think of taking the Evo on an extended trip with such a short range.

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MRThough the Evo has largely been trouble-free, we managed to damage a wheel and discovered a replacement for the stock wheel cost $950. Hey, Mitsubishi dealers have to make their money somewhere. There have also been reports of the radio/navigation unit not displaying anything for up to 15 minutes on extremely cold days. No other vehicles in our fleet had this problem with touch-screen displays.

Nobody argues about the ride quality, handling, or wonderful Recaro seats, but the radio, fuel consumption, and small trunk make the Evo far from perfect. If you're in the mood for a spirited drive this is your car. Those looking to mix work with pleasure find the car to be too hardcore for everyday life and, ironically, a bit too soft when compared with the previous Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution if you really want to hammer on it.

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