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2010 Audi Q5 hybrid

The Audi Q5 hybrid project has been dancing around a bit, in a one step forward and two steps back kind of rhythm, but Auto Week reports that the Q5 hybrid should debut in February 2010. This is after reports that Audi had cancelled its hybrid plans, or at least postponed them indefinitely.

2010 Audi Q5 hybrid -22010 Audi Q5 hybrid -1There are still mixed messages coming from Audi, though, with its powertrain development manager, Wolfgang Hatz, saying that with the advantages, especially in cost, of diesel, any petrol/electric technology will have to be more efficient and convenient in order to compete with diesel.

There’s not much to be gleaned from Hatz’s statements, if only that Audi needs to include hybrid options in its range - a necessary path to follow for manufacturers to compete. The Q5 should provide a better option than the Q7 for hybrid technology in the European market.

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