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Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe spied in Spain

A couple of days ago we showed you a few leaked photos of the new E Class Coupe, Mercedes’ replacement for the current CLK and now we’ve got the first photos showing the car on the street. The vehicle was photographed in Mallorca, Spain during an internal event for employees, by the guys from Motorpasion and it has minimal camouflage; except for the headlights and tail lights, which are covered, the car is completely undisguised.

Mercedes Benz E Class CoupeSo, what do you think, will Mercedes be able to compete with the other German luxury coupes, like the 3 Series Coupe or the Audi A5/S5? I think they can, because, like any other Mercedes model, they’ve decided to go for more stylish and less aggressive, which I think will appeal to a lot of customers.

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