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Acura Can Bring Back NSX project

Despite having killed the NSX project late last year due to tanking industry sales, Honda says it could still revive the NSX in the future.

NSX projectDick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda, said in an interview that the NSX could still be revived because "the development is mostly done." Honda is working to reassure dealers who were concerned when it cancelled plans to make the next-generation sports car.

Acura is sticking to its plan of becoming a Tier 1 luxury automaker without sacrificing its value image. "Being a premium luxury brand is not just about product. It's the way dealers handle customers. You've got to earn your way into the segment. You don't necessarily need a $90,000 sedan to get there."

Along with the NSX, Honda cancelled development of its rear-wheel drive V-8 platform for Acura. The Japanese automaker's luxury brand has also taken flack for the styling direction it introduced last year with the introductions of the new TSX, TL and RL. Acura's sales dropped 15 percent last year compared with 2007.

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