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Aston Martin Rapide Images

Today, Aston Martin released the two sharpest renderings of its production-ready Rapide to date. Where the previous images of the car were dark and harder to distinguish, these latest renderings are bright and easier to read.

Aston Martin -1Aston Martin -2Granted the new pictures really aren't telling us anything that we don't already know. From the former renderings and spy shots we've been able to confirm the sexy sedan's seductive shape. We like the front end's snarling guise and the One-77-esque hood vents. We already know that the back end slightly resembles the Vantage, and we approve of that too.

What we dislike is the fact that Aston hasn't told us when we will see the four-seat sedan in person. We expect that the car may be unveiled at the 2009 Geneva motor show in March.

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