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Porsche Museum – Video

The Porsche Museum opened its doors on January 31 and should prove to be quite an attraction for fans of the brand, as well as a new tourist destination. But for those who can’t make it to Germany, here is a video of the Porsche musuem and its 80 cars that are on show.

The first part of the video is dedicated to the various Porsche competition models, including the 917, winner in various editions of the Le Mans 24 hours. Other images show the Typ 64 from 1939, also known as the “Ur-Porsche”, and other models from engineer Ferdinand Porsche, including the legendary Volkswagen Maggiolino. The second part of the video shows the Number 1 from 1948 and the car that has made Porsche famous, the 911 (with models dating back to 1963). You can also get a close-up look of the trophies that have been won, and the six cylinder boxer engine. Thanks to Ardospeed for the tip.

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