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2009 Sector111 Lotus Exige

(from Sector111 Press Release) 2009 Sector111 Exige takes Colin Chapman’s design philosophy of “Performance through lightweight” to the next level. Sector111 has turned its 2006 Lotus Exige into a hardcore, track-ready supercar capable of world-class performance. This car, which was featured on SPEED channel’s Supercars Exposed, employs many parts seen on some of the world’s best race cars as well as some of Sector111’s own “tasty bits.” Every part on the Sector111 Exige is focused and purpose built to the highest standards.

2009 Sector111 Lotus Exige-12009 Sector111 Lotus Exige-2Engine
The Sector111 Exige started life with a normally aspirated 1.8 liter Toyota 2ZZ inline-4 engine producing 189 hp. The addition of Sector111’s Katana roots hybrid type supercharger increased the high-revving engine’s power to 240+ hp. Improving engine flow is a Larini Sport 8 inch exhaust system. This hand-crafted, lightweight system saves almost 10 pounds over the stock exhaust while giving the car a great sophisticated, tuned sound.

Safety Features
Occupant safety is a major highlight of the Sector111 Lotus Exige. A ReVerie XC carbon fiber seat and Schroth Profi II 6-point racing harness keep occupants firmly and safely in place with the help of Sector111’s sys.6.pack (a 6-point-harness ready device that also reinforces both seats).

The Sector111 Lotus Exige has a comprehensive aerodynamic package that keeps the lightened supercar planted on the road or track. A ReVerie carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber undertray and 5-element carbon fiber rear diffuser make the Sector111 Exige a truly flat-bottom car. The aero kit also includes ReVerie carbon fiber side skirts and carbon fiber arch louvers. A ReVerie 1650mm rear wing spans the entire width of the car and keeps the rear wheels glued to the ground.

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