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Audi Q3 to be built at Seat facilities in Spain

The Audi Q3 is one of the most anticipated car models of the next few months, but it has been revealed that it will not be assemble at the German facilities of the VAG group. Audi has announced that the new Q3 SUV will, in fact, be built at the Seat factory in Martorell, Spain.

Audi Q3-1Audi Q3-2The decision comes as Audi attempts to spread its work and balance the economic downturn. The choice to build the Q3 in Spain should save the jobs of 13,000 people at the Martorell factory, and comes after Spain’s industry minister specifically request help from the company. In return, Audi will receive public funds from the Spanish government of up to 112 million euros, sufficient to adapt the assembly chain to the Q3.

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