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Mercedes SLK spied

If these pics were anything to go by, this Mercedes SLK would be off to the panel beaters, but instead these spy shots show some heavy camouflage to protect the SLK from spying eyes. No definite news is available as to the date of its presentation, though some sources have been talking the end of 2012.

Mercedes SLK -1Mercedes SLK -2While it’s likely we’ll see a debut before that date, looking at these pics we still get some idea as the modifications in style. The nose looks to dip less and the headlights look sharper in design, conforming with recent developments in Mercedes style. Other changes are the LED lights, and new rear vision mirrors.

The engine range appears to provide some tantalising news, with talk of the new turbo charged four-cylinder, although after rumours of the powerful 3.5 litre V6 twin turbo, all eyes are on the AMG version. It’s possible that the next generation SLK will sit somewhere between the 6.2 litre V8 aspirated engine, and the next, smaller, turbo models.

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