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Bugatti Veyron Centenaire

The Bugatti Veyron will be celebrating 100 years of the company with the special version, Centenaire, seen in these pics. The limited edition of the supercar will be available in four different versions, each dedicated to legendary drivers of the Type 35: Jean-Pierre Wimille, Achille Varzi, Malcolm Campbell and Hermann Zu Leiningen.

Bugatti Veyron CentenaireThe colours of the four Centenaire versions are designed to represent the nationalities of the four drivers with Bleu France, Rosso Corsa, British Racing Green and Deutsches Rennweiss. The four examples will make their debut at the Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza and will be identical to the initial proposal of the Bleu Centenaire seen at the Geneva show.

The Veyron Centenaire is particular distinctive for its body work, the rear view mirrors and shiny front grill, with LED front headlights. The wheels will be eight spoke alloys inspired by those of the Bugatti Type 35. The interior will feature the names of the four drivers stitched into the head rests, but all this exclusivity has its price: 1,600,000 euros to be precise.

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