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Four-Door Porsche Panamera

In a first-ever move for the company, Porsche introduces the four-door Panamera at this year's Shanghai Motor Show.

 Four-Door Porsche PanameraThe legendary sports car maker is changing the whole idea of a four door sedan. People may do a double take when they see the first-ever four-seat sports car from Porsche called the "Panamera", just introduced at the Shanghai Motor Show in China.

The 2010 Porsche Panamera is Porsche's fourth model line and the company says customers will see an unprecedented vehicle concept, a gran turismo offering dynamic performance, elegance and luggage space - all delivered at zero to 60 miles and hour in under 5 seconds.

This is the first premium car with an automatically shifting double-clutch transmission to feature an engine start/stop system that saves fuel and reduces emissions by turning the off when it is not needed, such as sitting at a stop light, for example. The Panamera will be on sale in the United States this October.

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