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Nissan Confident in Its Electric Future

While the Chevy Volt remains tethered to GM’s uncertain fate and a presumably high price tag, Nissan is ecstatic about the future of its yet-to-be-named electric car. Set to go on sale to fleets in 2010 and retail consumers in 2012, Nissan’s electric car has been on a 12-city tour, with a Cube mule carrying the electric drivetrain.

Nissan’s electric car,imageNissan says the car’s driving range will be 100 miles, while its recharging time will be about four hours plugged into a 220-volt outlet and eight hours with a 110-volt outlet. The vehicle’s size will roughly match the Cube, but its styling will be distinct. An executive told The New York Times it would have “an iconic electric-vehicle look,” but would not bring to mind either “’Jetsons’ or ‘Blade Runner.’”

Perhaps most importantly, Nissan wants to keep the vehicle’s cost between $20,000 and $30,000. With a $7,500 tax credit most likely bringing the vehicle’s price under $20,000, coupled with the fuel savings, the Nissan electric car could intrigue both the green and the cheap.

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