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2009 Hartge BMW Z4

Hartge has released the details of their 2009 BMW Z4 accessories range which includes both exterior and interior parts. The 2009 Hartge BMW Z4 accessories range features the tuner's CLASSIC 2 wheel set and a new set of stainless steel tail pipes.

2009 Hartge BMW Z4-12009 Hartge BMW Z4-2For the interior, the 2009 Hartge BMW Z4 range includes aluminum pedals, foot rest and steering wheel emblem as well as new speedometers with a 300 km/h or 200 MPH maximum speed. We expect the 2009 Hartge BMW Z4 program will include more items in the near future.

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At 3:10 AM, Anonymous Cheap cars said...

Pretty nice, tasteful spoke design. They’d be much nicer as 1-peice though, without those exaggerated bolts along the rim.


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