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Renault Megan's new engines

Renault is set to launch its latest generation 1.4 litre TCE and 2.0 litre Dci engines, appearing on the Renault Megane range. The former has 130 hp and the latter 160hp, with both now on the market only shortly after the recent 1.6 litre Dci at 130 hp was announced. The additions will widen the Renault engine offering, with the 1.4 TCE having an impressive torque of 190Nm and fuel consumption at 6.5 litres per 100 km. CO2 emissions are 153 g/km.

Renault MeganThe 2.0 litre Dci is available in two versions: a 160 hp, 380Nm unit with manual transmission, and a 150 hp, 360Nm with automatic transmission. The more powerful version has average consumption of 5.9 litres/100km and 155 g/km of CO2 emissions. The automatic has 6.8 l/100km of fuel consumption and 180 g/km of CO2 emissions. All Renault engines should also soon be available on the Scenic model.

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