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Duesenberg Torpedo Resurrects a Classic Nameplate

A new Duesenberg automobile called the Torpedo Coupe, a four-seater with radical engine technology, is set for a January 2007 market introduction, according to the Duesenberg Custom Coach Web site.

Designed by Jeff Teague, the car will be driven by what the company is describing as a "revolutionary new power plant," a CEM, or cylindrical energy module engine. The supercharged 12-cylinder engine gets an estimated 70 miles per gallon and 300 horsepower from a tiny 100-pound package measuring 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length. The company says it has "an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio."

Duesenberg, a U.S. company which operated from 1910-'37, created one of the fastest cars of its time, the 265-horsepower 1935 Model J. Back then, the Duesenberg was the ride of royalty and celebrities, including Clark Gable and the Duke of Windsor. Today, the classic Duesenbergs are owned by collectors such as Jay Leno.


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