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Special-Edition Toyota FJ Cruiser in the Works

Toyota is planning a mid-summer launch of a special-edition 2007 FJ Cruiser sport-utility vehicle that is beefed up with off-road performance features.

"Look for things like shocks, tires, wheels, and off-road performance features," said Mark Amstock, Toyota's national truck and SUV market planning manager here at the launch of the FJ Cruiser on Tuesday.
Amstock said Toyota is working with tire manufacturer BFGoodrich on the yet unnamed special-edition FJ Cruiser. He added that Toyota designers are "pushing for traditional FJ colors, including tans and reds."

The Japanese automaker is also considering an FJ model without the signature white roof — a feature which will be standard at the SUV's launch — as well as a convertible version. "We're giving that a lot of thought," Amstock said in regard to a topless FJ Cruiser. "But nothing specific yet."

The FJ Cruiser, priced in the mid-$20Ks, is set to make its debut in late March. It competes against the Hummer H3, the Jeep Wrangler and the Nissan Xterra.

Amstock said Toyota will export a few of the FJ Cruisers to Canada and 183 to the Middle East. He said there are no plans for a right-hand-drive version of the vehicle or a diesel version.


At 7:24 AM, Blogger Mike C said...

Now you tell me. I pick up my FJ on Monday. Spent hours looking for the after market companies that could supply the off road parts shown at this years SEMA show.

I bet Toyota will do the same thing with this "Special-Edition".

I purchased the FJ six-speed to go off roading. This is the fourth Toyota we have purchased in the last 10 years. Toyota uses great parts for their products and many are built here in the midwest by the same people who use to build GM and FORDS that didn't last.

We own a Jeep Wrangler but I've driven a friends FJ and their is no comparision in ride or handling. The FJ is far superior.
The Jeep "ruster" as my son calls it will be sold soon.

Any buyers for a 2001 Wrangler Sport out their?


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