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¡Hey, Macarena! Heuliez Creates an Open-Top Peugeot 407

A third Peugeot convertible is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

It's the Heuliez Macarena, product of French coachbuilding specialist Heuliez. The open-top version of the 407 midsize sedan has a retractable hardtop, like Peugeot's 206 and 307 cabrios. peugeot 407 However, unlike the two smaller Peugeots, it's unlikely to be built. Instead, the Macarena is designed to show off the French engineering specialist's capabilities. Heuliez designed Peugeot's 206CC model and has developed the Macarena's folding hardtop for larger sedans — it's hoping to attract customers for the system at the Swiss show. Heuliez says it is in discussions with several manufacturers about using the system in production models.

The Macarena's roof mechanism folds away in around half a minute. And Heuliez has made novel use of the need to add a stiffening beam behind the front seats by incorporating LCD screens for the rear passengers into the crossmember.

Heuliez is one of a number of companies that can build complete niche models for automakers. Its main customer is PSA, but it looks like it's out to widen the net, so you'll probably hear that name again.
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