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Pagani and his Fangio Roadster

Pagani Automobili of Cesaro sul Panaro, east of Modena just off the famed Via Emilia, is still crafting amazing exotics for customers with the cash and non-traditional taste needed. Just as we were universally drawn to the roadster version of the previous Zonda S, the Zonda Roadster F at Geneva is also something to behold.

pagani Built for a customer—as with all Pagani showpieces—the F roadster keeps all of the AMG power upgrades in the Mercedes 7.3-liter, 594-hp, 549-lb-ft V12. It just removes the roof and puts in its place what we think is the finest work of removable-top art in the exotic trade. Whereas the actual carbon composite roof is more like the targa-esque piece on the Maserati MC12 Stradale, the side curtains are actual canvas. The look is beautiful and the aerodynamics with this roof in place do not suffer at all over the coupe. And the entire assembly weighs just 11 pounds, allowing curb weight to stay near 2800 pounds.

Last year with the coupe F, Horacio Pagani started offering a complete carbon-look treatment and the effect here is simply evil. Pagani production is always limited to two-digit amounts and this open F will most likely end at 25 units. Within that clutch of cars, most will be the 641-hp Clubsport edition that gets to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.
Source: © by Matt Davis


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