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New Wrangler set for Paris debut

As US car makers try ever harder to understand European tastes and build vehicles to suit us limeys and surrender monkeys, it's good to see Jeep is keeping faith with Uncle Sam.

jeep wrangler Slap bang in the middle of cheese-eating territory, Jeep is launching its new Wrangler at the Paris motor show later this week (read our Paris preview).

The Wrangler will be on display in traditional two-door form and new four-door, long-wheelbase Unlimited guise.

One concession Jeep has made to Europe is a new diesel engine for the Wrangler. The 2.8-litre turbodiesel unit is said to be ideally suited for off-road work, but those who like hanging around petrol stations can still opt for the 3.8-litre petrol version.

Yes, we know it's about as subtle as Tarzan on heat, and as American as drive-by shootings, but we still like it. Pass me my Stetson, maw, I'm off to hunt me some hobos.

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