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Green light

The eco-pioneers at Axon obviously like a challenge.

If we were to choose a donor vehicle to strip down to its bare bones in the name of improved economy, we'd plump for something with plenty of excess fat around the edges.

axon eco-mBut Axon has taken the chainsaw to a Caterham Super 7, already one of the most stripped-down roadsters around.

And this is what's left: the Axon Eco-M, due to make its debut at the Sexy Green Car Show at the Eden Project in Cornwall next week.

Axon has done away with the roof and windscreen, and replaced traditional components with recycled carbon fibre to reduce weight.

Combined with what Axon is describing as 'eco-driving techniques', the Eco-M should enjoy a 20 per cent improvement in fuel economy over the standard 7 Classic.

Statistics on increased hair volume, bug-swallowing and facial frostbite are currently unavailable.

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