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2007 BMW Sauber F1.07

(from BMW Press Release) BMW Sauber F1.07 – a cast of experts.
Time was of the essence in the development of the F1.06, the first car developed by the BMW Sauber F1 Team. Indeed, BMW only took the decision to purchase a majority stake in the Sauber team in June 2005.

2007 BMW Sauber F1.072007 BMW Sauber F1.07 22007 BMW Sauber F1.07 3 The components already in the midst of a lengthy development period (the chassis, engine and transmission) were moulded into an overall package – and with notable success, as the results over the course of the season just gone can testify. However, the shortage of time available meant that compromise was unavoidable in certain areas.

The BMW Sauber F1.07 started out from a very different basis. Work on the concept began in April 2006 and took shape as part of a close cooperation between the chassis experts in Hinwil and their colleagues in Munich responsible for the powertrain, i.e. the engine and transmission, and the electronics. Priorities were set out from day one and all the aspects of the project brought together to create a harmonious overall package.

“We have channelled our experience with the F1.06 into the new car, but at the same time focused on the new challenges presented by the 2007 regulations”, explained Willy Rampf, Technical Director of the BMW Sauber F1 Team.

To this end, the most significant change is the switch to a single tyre supplier in Bridgestone. In accordance with the stipulations of the FIA, the Japanese company has produced tyres which offer less grip as a means of lowering cornering speeds.

“It’s clear that the cars are going to slide around more. It was therefore important for us to build a car that is easy to drive and that our drivers can trust sufficiently to go on the attack”, added Rampf, giving an insight into the team’s development strategy. “We should also expect the cars to run with rather greater downforce as a rule, in order to make up for the loss of grip.”

BMW Sauber F1.07 – technical data :

Chassis: carbon-fibre monocoque

Suspension: upper and lower wishbones (front and rear), inboard springs and dampers, actuated by pushrods (Sachs Race Engineering)

Brakes: six-piston callipers (Brembo), carbon pads and discs (Brembo, Carbone Industrie)

Transmission: 7-speed quick shift gearbox, longitudinally mounted, carbon-fibre clutch (AP)

Chassis electronics: BMW

Steering wheel: BMW Sauber F1 Team

Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza

Wheels: OZ

Dimensions: length 4,580 mm
width 1,800 mm
height 1,000 mm
track width, front 1,470 mm
track width, rear 1,410 mm
wheelbase 3,110 mm

Weight: 605 kg (incl. driver, ready to drive, tank empty)

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