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Autodelta GT Super Evo

Autodelta, the famed Alfa tuning house, showed off its first edition of the GT coupe more than two years ago, and since has created the GT 3.2 Super Evo.

The news here is twofold: Autodelta says it now is preparing bespoke high-performance variants of the Alfa Spider, the 159 and the 159 Sportwagon for introduction later this year and has begun to put a local distribution network into place in the Middle East to tap growing demand for its products in the Gulf region.

The latter point was driven home recently by a customer order in Dubai for a full-spec GT 3.2 Super Evo, which employs a Rotrex supercharger to boost output to 341 horsepower and torque to 287 pound-feet. The factory claims 0-to-60-mph acceleration in 5.2 seconds.

The car, commissioned by brothers Walid and Wissam Shihabi, is the first fully bespoke Autodelta program to be completed in the United Arab Emirates. The conversion was performed by Autodelta engineers at Gargash Motors, the official Alfa importer in Dubai.

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