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Dacia Logan

Unrequited bargain-seekers, rejoice: the Dacia Logan may be on the way to the UK.

But before you start digging down the back of the sofa for loose coppers (that's small coins, not wanton policemen), be warned that nothing is set in stone.

Dacia LoganDacia Logan 2See, Dacia is Renault's Romanian-based budget brand. It distributes the low-cost Logan, which is based on the same underpinnings as the Modus and Clio, in some 51 countries worldwide.

Until now, the Logan has only been available in left-hand drive, but this month sees the first right-hooking Logans hit the road in India.

And, according to Renault product chief Patrick Pélata, this might just pave the way for Logans to be sold in the UK.

If so, they'd be branded under the Dacia rather than the Renault name, although probably sold through existing Renault dealerships.

"Using the Dacia name allows us to say this is not a sophisticated car," says Pélata. "The promise is very simple: it's a good value-for-money deal."

If Logans do make it to these shores, you can bet they'll be cheap - petrol versions are selling in India for just under five grand.

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