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Ford Trasit Sportvan

Transit van modifications are usually limited to a selection of deeply witty slogans scratched in the dirt on the rear doors, with a selection of choice dents for good measure.

Ford Trasit SportvanFord Trasit Sportvan 2Ford Trasit Sportvan 3But we've found the Transit that takes White Van Man mods to a new level.

Unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show this week (if you weren't there, why not?), the Transit SportVan was introduced to the world by TG's good friend Sabine Schmidtz - she who terrified Richard all the way round the 'Ring.

Limited to a production run of just 500, the SportVan is aimed at those who want to make a 'bold statement' with their van.

We can't argue with that. With a custom paintjob, bonnet stripes a la Fiesta ST, twin exhausts and full bodykit, the SportVan looks every inch the race-honed repo van.

There's no upgrade in performance, though, because the short wheelbase SportVan retains the standard 128bhp TDCi Duratorq engine.

No matter: it's still cool... in a sort of porno-stash chic fashion. You'll be seeing SportVans with 'I wish my wife was this sporting' scrawled across their panels from June this year.

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