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FuelVapor Ale

With a turbocharged 1.5-litre engine producing 180bhp, the Ale may not be endowed with crazy power, but low weight and equally low aerodynamic drag helps it on its way to a 140mph top speed.

OK, you'll have spotted that the Ale is a three-wheeler, though thankfully two are at the front for stability.

Having three wheels does not hinder the Ale's cornering prowess and grip levels have been measured at up to 1.7 G, which is a good bit more than a BMW M5.

But the major point of the Ale is to that it's a low emissions vehicle.

It can turn in 92.0mpg and qualifies for a 'super low' emissions rating in Canada.

The key to this is in the name of the company as the Ale runs on fuel vapour rather than normal liquid fuel.

It allows the engine to run on a much leaner mixture of fuel and air without compromising performance, yet uses about a third less petrol for the same given power.

FuelVapor is busy testing the Alé before it goes on sale in 2008. There's no word on pricing yet, but we'll be keeping our ears pinned back.

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