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Subaru Tribeca

As the revised Subaru Tribeca was unveiled at the New York Auto Show, it was difficult not imagine that Scooby had taken Top Gear's criticisms of the original SUV on board.
Sure, that makes us massively egomaniacal, but it's nice to know that we're right sometimes.

Subaru TribecaSubaru Tribeca 2We winced at the pug-nosed, snouty styling of the Tribeca. Subaru has revised the entire front end, discarding the 'aeroplane-inspired' grill and replacing it with a far less offensive four-bar effort.

OK, now it looks like a cross between the Forester and the Toyota RAV-4, but at least passing pedestrians won't try to gouge their eyes out as you pass now.

We grumbled about the lazy five-speed auto 'box. Subaru has added a torque converter to transmit full drive the wheel, allowing the 'box to change ratios quicker and more smoothly. We'd have been happier with a nice manual gearbox, but it's better than nowt.

And, just to demonstrate that they don't need us to tell them what to do, Subaru has bored the Tribeca's six-cylinder boxer out to 3.6 litres, boosting power from 245bhp to 256bhp, and torque from 215lb ft to 247lb ft. Still no diesel, though.

The door mirrors and seats have been altered, too, providing better accessibility and visibility.

The revised Tribeca - they've dropped the B9 nomenclature - should reach the UK in early 2008.

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