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Audi TT Clubsport

For all its many virtues, Audi doesn't very often hit Top Gear's cool button. The products of Ingolstadt's finest are just too serious, too damn determined to reach to the icicle-encrusted end of the Cool Wall.

The TT Clubsport, however, is cool enough to cause frostbite.

Audi TT ClubsportAudi TT Clubsport 2Audi TT Clubsport 3A design study by Audi for the Worthersee 2007 meet in Austria, it's what you'd get if you crossed a new TT with a Porsche Speedster, and injected a healthy dose of testosterone for good measure.

At the moment it's nothing more than a concept, but rumours abound that Audi is considering introducing a more extreme TT to its line-up. We won't complain if it looks like this.

With its pillarless windscreen and dropped stance, the Clubsport shakes off the TT's hairdresser image and replaces it with a Grade 1 skinhead razor cut.

Under the flared arches sit 20-inch wheels, barely hiding ceramic brakes, while Audi has tweaked the TT's 2.0-litre TFSI to produce 300bhp.

The four-ring Audi badge has been moved onto the bonnet - à la R8 - while the Clubsport also inherits the LED running lights from Audi's top-end supercar.

A fat Q7-style grill and smaller roll hoops complete the picture.

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