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Golf GTI W12

Volkswagen has revealed details of a 650bhp mid-engined Golf GTi design study.

Called the GTi W12-650 (you can see what they've done there), it uses a bi-turbo W12 engine producing 553lb ft torque through the rear wheels.

Golf GTI W12Golf GTI W12 2Golf GTI W12 3This, according to VW, means 0-62mph in just 3.7secs and a top speed of 184mph.

The engine sits directly behind the front seats on a unique aluminium structure and a heavily modified bodyshell features integrated vents to keep things cool. Look closely and you'll see the rear quarter windows curve into the C-pillars.

Designers said they wanted to keep the shape as close to the character of the original car as possible, so opted to develop a carbon-fibre roof that also acts as a diffuser.

Inside, there are even more mods for pure performance - unnecessary kit is stripped out, and race-inspired details such as flip-up switch guards and a fire extinguisher feature.

So far the GTi W12-650 is nothing more than a design study, but there's always hope, I guess...

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