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Chrysler's Numbers Game Will Gift a Sebring to One Lucky Newborn Baby

Chrysler is running a most unusual numbers game with its Sebring. The "Chrysler Sebring Bundle of Joy Sweepstakes" will award a new Sebring to one lucky family that delivers a newborn baby at the time closest to 2:03:04 a.m. on May 6, 2007.

Chrysler Sebring Yes, that's 2:03:04 on 05/06/07. The sequence of numbers won't happen in the calendar again for more than a century.
Chrysler is counting the "winning time" as that exact moment in the time zone in which the baby is born, and the stipulation is that the winner must be a licensed driver and the parent or legal guardian of the infant.
In the event that more than one baby is born at this exact time and, more important, that his or her parents enter the Chrysler contest, a random drawing will determine the winner.
The doubtless sleep-deprived new parents have until June 15 to mail in a birth certificate that proves their claim to the prize. Full details are at the Bundle of Joy Web site.

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