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Hyundai QarmaQ

OK, so the jury is out on the looks of the Qarmaq, Hyundai's crossover coupe-SUV. Actually, that's not quite true. It looks a bit daft.

But the cartoonish looks mask a car that's chock-full of brilliant ideas.

Hyundai QarmaQHyundai QarmaQ 2Designed at Hyundai's Tech Centre in Germany in close conjunction with GE plastics, the QarmaQ has more than 30 advanced features that Hyundai says will be rolled out on its road cars from 2008 to 2014.

And number one of these is the car's bodyshell, made from the same PET plastic used for soft drink bottles - in fact, each car will re-use about 900 bottles that would otherwise become landfill.

Thanks to the use of a variety of plastics, including lightweight polycarbonate resin windows, the QarmaQ is 60kg lighter than it would be if it were built more conventionally.

And once its time is up, it should prove to be a cinch to recycle. Or even re-recycle.

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