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Mercedes R-Class

Is it an MPV? An SUV? An over-inflated estate? No one's quite sure what the Mercedes R-Class really is, and the latest makeover on the biggest car in Merc's lineup won't do anything to clear up the confusion.

Mercedes R-ClassMercedes R-Class  2First, the R-Class is now being offered with rear-wheel drive. Previously a four-wheel-drive car only, we reckon that moves the R-Class nearer to MPV rather than SUV territory. Maybe.

But wait. Merc has rejigged the seating in the R-Class too. Whereas it was once strictly a six-seater - three rows of captain's chairs - you can now specify your family crossover-type-thing in five- or seven-seat guise.

That's a middle row of three seats plus an additional pair in the back, which can be removed to make way for Christmas trees or Jacuzzis or whatever it is people put in the back of an R-Class. Which might make it more of an estate. But we're not sure.

The R-Class has also been given a quick facelift, with new circular fog lamps and fresh body styling at the front and rear.

Oh, and there's a new entry-level petrol engine: a three-litre V6 that will see the R-Class to 62mph in just under 10 seconds.

The top-of-the-range 5.5-litre V8 remains though, which presumably makes the R-Class a luxury-sport-crossover... no, we give up.

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