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It may look like it has been cobbled together with Lego and sticky-back plastic, but this is what we all should be driving by 2020, according to a team of car designers.

RebelRebel 2Rebel 3The 'youth' car has been created by Kazunori Inomota, Edward Stubbs and Mujammil Khan-Muztar, graduates of Coventry University's Automotive Design MA course.

The car was penned with an eye on the Scion brand, which is a yoof-oriented make sold in the US and owned by Toyota. Think funked-up Yaris models and you're on the right track.

Called the Rebel, the design can be chopped and changed to suit any mood or need, even allowing a bed to be made on the floor.

Power comes from an electric battery that drives individual motors in each wheel, which also regenerate electricity as the car slows.

The designers reckon a number of car companies will be interested and even non-car companies such as Apple.

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