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Microsoft To Release Forza Motorsport 2 on May 29

Gentlemen, start your game systems! Americans will be able to buy the 2.0 version of the famous Forza Motorsport driving simulator starting on May 29.

Microsoft Forza Motorsport 2Microsoft Forza Motorsport 2 2Microsoft Forza Motorsport 2 3The Microsoft Game Studios' "fully customizable" driving simulator game was designed by "top automotive engineers, professional racecar drivers and experienced programmers" so you can experience heat and pressure changes, aerodynamic load — and "dramatic damage and wear" — just like in a real car on a real road. The company says it offers "deeper and more realistic physics than ever before."

Among the locations you can select are the Suzuka and Sebring racetracks, Laguna Seca and Silverstone, and New York City streets. Some 300 cars from more than 50 manufacturers are collectible in the game and can be personalized, tuned and modified extensively — then taken into online competition through Xbox live.

A demo is downloadable at the Forza Motorsport Web site for those who can't wait until the end of the month. On the site you can also see the complete list of all 310 cars that will be playable as part of the game.

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