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Corvette Z06

If we were compiling a list of pointless special edition cars, this Corvette Z06 Ron Fellows would be a strong contender.

Aside from the Corvette already selling in penny numbers in the UK, hands up who knows who Ron Fellows is?

Ah, not many of you.
Corvette Z06Corvette Z06 2Corvette Z06 3Well, he's a Canadian racing driver who has helped Corvette become a highly successful team in endurance racing, and the company felt like marking his achievements.
The Z06 bearing his name only comes in white with a full-width racing spoiler on the rear, and Fellows' signature inside and out.
Only 33 of these cars have been set aside for European Corvette customers with a price of £69,197.
The saving grace of the Ron Fellows limited edition is that it's still a Corvette Z06 underneath with a seven-litre V8, a 0-60mph time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 199mph.
But then you get all that with the standard Z06 that costs £62,695.

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